We're always looking for new media from San Antonio citizens and our members!

The fact is, local emergencies require our complete attention so we rarely have time to capture any photos or video. We need your help in gathering this awesome content so we can spread the good word or make others aware of important events going on in our community.

So, if you've got some great content for us, send it on over! It may just end up in our Twitter feed, Facebook page, website or other online channels -- and credit is always given to the source of the media (unless you wish to remain anonymous)

We accept the following types of media:

  • Photos (JPEG, PNG, TIF files preferred)
  • Video (mp4, mov files preferred)
  • Article Submissions (Word files preferred)
  • PDF Documents

Submit Your Media Here

"If you've got something you think we should see, please send it over! If we select your media files for use online, we'll be sure to give you proper credit or keep your information completely anonymous, if you prefer."
Nathan Estrada
Public Information Officer | SAPFFA Local 624