The City of San Antonio feels their finances are more important than your safety!
Updated On: Nov 28, 2017

For a while now, you have fought to keep the City from annexing your land. You have watched as they blatantly ignored your requests to be left alone. Some of you have expressed how you feel beaten; you are ready to give up.

Our advice is do not throw in the towel just yet.

The City has decided they do not want to provide some core services that they do to the rest of the City. Instead, they are working hand in hand with your Emergency Services District (ESD) to attempt to get them to provide the firefighters you are going to be paying for.

That is right! They want to annex your homes, but they are trying to avoid having to provide you the core services you are going to be FORCED to pay for.

It appears the last chance you have to avoid annexation may lay firmly in the ESD#3 board hands -- which makes Tuesday, December 13, at 6:30pm your last chance to avoid annexation.

It appears the ES #3 board is prepared to take a fraction of the money they should be getting to provide services to the newly annexed area. This will leave the entire area in danger, because your firefighters should be taking care of those of you who avoided the annexation but instead will be tasked with taking care of the area the city annexed.

The City of San Antonio stands to make millions off sales tax and property tax dollars by grabbing this land, yet they plan to pay $312,000.00 to the ESD to provide fire services. Why would the ESD board vote for this deal?

Tuesday night, you need to be there to ask the hard questions:

  • Ask if any or all of the ESD board members personal neighborhoods are avoiding annexation until 2034.
  • Ask why when the ESD should get 1.5% of the sales tax that they are helping San Antonio annex the area that provides the largest portion of their funding.
  • Ask who on the board is working hand-in-hand with the city to cut this deal and how many pieces of silver they are promised.

It is your last chance to avoid annexation, and for many of you, the last chance not to have your fire services spread so thin they cannot do the job you pay taxes to have them do.

You need to be present at the ESD #3 meeting Tuesday, December 13 at 6:30pm. It is located at 23103 Bulverde Rd at Fire Station #2. If this contract is approved, the City will have their foot in the door to snatch more land in the coming years.

The time to stop that land grab is now by forcing the city to provide core services to the area they plan to annex.

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