Having little hands help around the kitchen? How to keep each kiddo safe, at every age
Updated On: Nov 28, 2017

SAN ANTONIO, TX - Thanksgiving and Christmas are a time for making memories in the kitchen. So how can you make sure your children, nieces and nephews, or grandchildren are safe while spending time with you?

Here are some tips from the National Fire Protection Association on how you can keep those little hands busy and safe while helping you out in the kitchen. They are arranged by age group below, so you'll know what's appropriate for every kid helper. 

Ages 3 to 5

  • Get ingredients out of the refrigerator
  • Measure and mix ingredients together in a bowl
  • Pour liquids into a bowl
  • Wash fruits and vegetables off under cold water
  • Use a cookie cutter to cut shapes out of cookie dough
  • Lick the cake batter off of a spoon!

Ages 6 to 8

  • Open packages
  • Use a butter knife to spread frosting, cream cheese, peanut butter, and soft cheeses
  • Peel vegetables
  • Measure ingredients
  • Stir ingredients in a bowl
  • Set the table

Ages 9 to 12

  • Begin to follow a recipe 
  • Open cans
  • Use electrical appliances, such as microwave oven when a grown-up is present
  • Use a grater to shred cheese and vegetables
  • Turn stove burners on and off and select oven temperature when a grown-up is present
  • Help plan the meal
  • Make a salad

Ages 14 and up

  • Operate the stove or oven without an adult present
  • Heat food up in the microwave without an adult present
  • Drain cooked pasta into a colander
  • Take a tray of food out of the oven

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