SA Professional Firefighters Association Files Motion to Dismiss City's Evergreen Lawsuit
Posted On: Jun 23, 2016

Today (June 22, 2016), the San Antonio Professional FireFighters Association filed a motion with the Fourth Court of Appeals seeking to dismiss the City's current Evergreen lawsuit as frivolous.

The Association's motion is based on the City's recently announced position that evergreen clauses are now constitutional and contractually valid based on the City's recent negotiations with police officers.

While we applaud the City for finally admitting that evergreen clauses are contractually valid and perfectly constitutional, this admission comes with a substantial cost to the citizens of our city.

San Antonio taxpayers have unfortunately paid for the City's lawsuit and appeal to the tune of thousands and thousands of dollars for out of town attorneys to represent the City's untenable position.

We hope that the City will take this opportunity to voluntarily drop both the fire and police appeals currently pending before the Fourth Court of Appeals. To do otherwise means that the City is arguing out of one side of its mouth that evergreen clauses are void and unconstitutional, and out of the other side that evergreen clauses are constitutional and contractually valid. This outrageous conduct should stop now.

View news segment shot by News4SA below.

We look forward to the City Council finally seeing the light, dismissing these frivolous appeals, and letting us negotiate a fair and reasonable contract for San Antonio's fire and EMT personnel.

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You can also learn more about this news release on KSAT12.

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