Is Mayor Ivy Taylor and Council for sale?
Updated On: Nov 29, 2017

This is a good article from Gilbert Garcia of the San Antonio Express News(click here for the story). Gilbert writes "During Taylor’s first 51/2 years on the council — including her first three months as mayor — she received a single $300 contribution from the Dawson family.

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From November 2014 through September 2015, however, Dawson and his family donated $18,000 to Taylor’s coffers, far more than any other source of campaign funding for the mayor.

Taylor’s role in the Vista Ridge process was particularly important, because she cast two votes on the project: first as an ex-officio member of the SAWS board, then five weeks later as a member of the City Council."

Vista Ridge is one of many publicly funded projects that our City Council passed  without the vote of the citizens.  $100,000 TOILETS, $500 MILLION STREETCARS, $500 MILLION FOR HEMPHISHPERE APARTMENTS, $ 1 MILLION FOR ART SCLUPTURE (cheese grader) and on and on and on....

The Street Car project would have cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars and only service about 7,000 residents.  The San Antonio Professional Firefighters Association along with other citizens groups worked together and collected the signatures to put the issue on the ballot.  Even though the citizens voted to kill the project the City Council and Business leaders that have a personal stake have vowed the project is NOT DEAD but only shelved for now.  Which means "We will bring it back and repackage it to sell it back to the City Council after the political atmosphere changes"  wink...wink... 

Meanwhile the Chamber, City Manager Sherly Sculley, and Mayor Taylor go ROUND and ROUND driving up the Cities Debt, Stuffing their pockets and making it rain dollar bills and then blaming Public Safety Healthcare as the cause for lack money to support basic services likes streets and drainage problems.   


At the heart of most these expensive public projects is the way in which City Council approves them.  By issuing Certificates of Obligation (click here to learn more)  the Council no longer needed to try and pass a Bond election with a vote from the citizens. They could bypass the voters and decide on their own to strap years of Debt on the taxpayers. That option is going away Sept. 1, when legislation from the 84th Texas Legislature, HB 1378, becomes law. 

Is it any wonder how a majority of City Council lead by Mayor Talyor voted to give Sherly Sculley an extravagant  contract making her one of the highest paid City Managers in the country making more the President of the United States.  One of the reasons used by City Council to justify her excessive contract is the cities AAA Bond Rating which saves to city money because it lowers the interest the city pays on borrowed money.  

Here is an idea to save the City Billions of dollars...STOP BORROWING MONEY! 

All of us practice discipline with our personal budgets. If you can't afford to buy a new car, You save up the money or buy a cheaper one.  What you don't do is continue to go deeper into debt just because the car dealer is offering 0% interest and then give the salesman a bonus for charging a cheaper interest rate on a car you could not afford to buy in the first place.  Too bad City Council does not follow this logic, maybe its because they don't have to pay the bill out of their own pockets

So what is to be done by WE THE PEOPLE? One thing is call your City Councilman and tell them to let the people vote on Vista Ridge. Next, Let your voice be heard and sign the petition to STOP VISTA RIDGE. This will force City Council to put the issue on the ballot. Let them make their case to citizens and let the voters decide.

Sign the Stop Vista Ridge Petition

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