Fighting Fire As Un-Chambered Ammo Goes Off
Updated On: Dec 01, 2017

On the night of April 30, a fire erupted at a house on Lighthouse Cove in the vicinity of Port Victoria. The crew arrived at the scene to find the home engulfed in flames. The team quickly prepped to face the challenge that lay ahead, while heavy smoke and massive flames poured out the windows.

The team then proceeded to put out the fire. They had to maintain a swift yet cautious stance when rescuing the residents in the house. Everyone was rescued from the building safely and unharmed, but they seemed quite traumatized.

As the team was putting out the fire, to their surprise, suddenly the sound of bullets going off was audible from inside the home. Upon questioning the residents, it was discovered that there were some personal firearms and ammo stored in the house. The roaring fire had reached the home owner’s gun cabinet and the box of ammo got heated and began to discharge.

Cautiously, the team of firefighters contained the fire, and as the sound of ammunition exploding stopped, the firefighters were able to put the flames out. The situation was dealt with in about 40 minutes of time. This incident brings into sharp focus how dangerous firearms and ammunition can be. If the ammo in the house had gone off during the rescue operation, it may have proved fatal for the residents as well as the firefighters.

So, now we will provide some guidelines to all those individuals in San Antonio that store firearms and ammunition at home.  

Arms and Ammunition Storage Guidelines

The sound of exploding ammunition isn’t a reassuring sign to firefighters arriving at a burning home. When the sound of ammo is coming from a burning home, it is enough to stop any firefighter in their tracks and compel them to proceed with extreme caution. While there may not be a lot of danger when un-chambered ammo goes off, it serves as a considerable warning that there may be more munitions in the home that may cause an explosion. Keeping firefighters at bay isn’t really a good idea when your house is or fire. The fire chief would allow the building to burn down, than to put any of his crew in danger.

The team’s perception of the situation will dictate how they react, and if you wish for them to react in your favor, there are a couple of measures you can take to ensure that rescue arrives timely.

There are three options...

Use the one that suits you best to protect your firearms and ammo, should a fire breakout.

First, store all your ammo in a locked cabinet away from the main house. Some people prefer to lock it in the garage or gardening shed.

Two, get a proper safe designed for guns. Layout your entire gun collection as well as ammo, and organize it any way you wish.

Three, buy any fireproof or fire-resistant safe. Not especially made for guns, this safe can safely store arms and ammo.

The incident described above should be motivation enough for those who haven’t taken these precautions. The San Antonio Firefighter’s Association encourages all citizens to take this preventive measure so that our rescue team’s efforts are not hindered.

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