Ensuring Fire Safety in Nightclubs and Bars
Posted On: Jun 22, 2015

Nightclubs and bars are almost always dark, crowded, and full of noise with everyone drinking alcohol. We all remember the dreaded incident of the Kiss nightclub in Southern Brazil that claimed the lives of over 231 people in early 2013 on January 27th.

The main reason for the eruption of fire in Kiss Nightclub was the profound lack of appropriate securitymeasures. The club lacked fire detectors, automatic fire sprinklers, and even alarms. The building was riddled with fire safety loop holes that caused such a great loss. In order to avoid such a mishap, we are going to discuss some fire safety measures that should be a significant part of a nightclub’s safety.

The National Fire Protection Association or NFPA has laid out the following guidelines for nightclubs and bars:

  • A bar or a nightclub should have large main entrance doors, and the doors must open outward to support urgent evacuation.

  • The presence of notification channels that instantly alert people of imminent danger or emergency.

  • All normal and emergency exits should be well lit and clearly marked. The location of the emergency exits should be on the front and back of the building.

  • All paths leading to the emergency exit should not be cluttered with furniture and be clear of all obstacles.

In order to prevent loss of lives and costly damage to property, the need for appropriate fire safety measures is paramount.

The guidelines discussed above are what nightclubs and bars should do. Assuming that the establishment has taken every necessary measure, there are things that the club goers need to do as well. For instance, when you are traveling by air, the first thing we all do and the attendant tells us as well, is to be conscious of all the exits located on the plane. A similar approach must be taken by all party goers to ensure a safe and eventful night.

The following guidelines should be observed for anyone going into the nightclub.

Before entering the club, look around

Ensure that the club you are entering seems structurally sound and you feel comfortable. Make sure the entrance is large enough, that in the case of an emergency, people can flow out with ease.

When entering, locate all the exits in the building

Make sure that in the dark environment of the club all exits are well lit and visible. Exits are usually locatedNightclub Crowd at different key locations. So, whenever roaming about in the club, remain conscious of the exit closest to you, because when push comes to shove, the main exit may not be an option for you.

In case of an emergency

When you hear the alarms go off, react instantly and don’t wait to follow the crowd. Locate the nearest exit and calmly proceed towards it in an orderly fashion.

When you get out, stay out

Once you have cleared the danger zone, move as far away from the club or bar, to allow others to escape and clear the path for the emergency team of firefighters to enter.

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