Three Areas Where Fire Safety Training Can be Improved
Posted On: Jun 11, 2015

Fire safety training should be a crucial part of every organization; and due to American laws, most high profile organizations and establishments adhere to the strict fire safety codes enforced upon them. In this day and age, we live in a fire-hazard environment, from electrical cables and gas pipelines running in the walls to the machines we use on a daily basis.

Every home, shop, business, or a multinational organization should therefore, focus on the fire safety education of the people that reside or work there. Fire safety consists of the common knowledge, as well as the best practices when faced with an accidental fire.

Fire Safety Training

Fire safety training is a complete set of guidelines and best practices when an individual is faced with the danger of being caught in a fire. Regular fire training courses as well as fire drills play a crucial role in the long term safety of the residents or the employees.

In case of a fire, actions of all the people involved will determine how the event will play out, and mistakes can prove to be quite dangerous. Let’s suppose an office with 50 employees, panics when a fire breaks out, causing more distress among the people and contributing to the fear factor. At such a time, people lose their rational thinking and do more harm when they are trying to save their own lives. Now suppose, the same 50 employees were regularly reminded of the safety rules and how to best evacuate the building; they would be leaving the building in a much more organized, orderly and calm manner.

Despite the strict fire codes that are enforced everywhere; there are some aspects of fire safety where majority of organizations, buildings, and even single family homes are lacking. We are going to discuss the three most overlooked and sometimes ignored, fire safety practices.

Lack of an Evacuation Plan

Lack of evacuation planning is one of the leading causes of casualties. Once such a plan is established, the injuries suffered by your employees and guests can be significantly reduced. Just formulating a fire evacuation procedure will ensure the safety of every person in the building. Once a plan is established, all that remains is training the employees, but note that a memo of the training is not enough. This brings us to the next most overlooked fire safety measure.

Lack of Fire Drills

While a lot of people have an awareness of what a fire evacuation plan is, not all of them are aware of what exactly they should do once a fire does break out. The takeaway here is that simply creating a fire prevention and emergency evacuation plan won’t be enough; every one inside the building should be aware of the plan and must practice that plan regularly through fire drills.

Lack of Proper Fire Extinguisher Training

Consider this; if everyone knew how to use a fire extinguisher, fires may be put out before they lose control. Therefore, fire extinguisher training must be made mandatory across all organizations, establishments, and even parents should train their kids to use them in case of emergencies.

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