Q and A - San Antonio Professional Firefighters Endorsement for Leticia Van De Putte
Posted On: May 25, 2015

Thanks to all the great citizens of San Antonio for their comments and feedback on our endorsement. The firefighters love and respect each and every one of you. Your reasons for voting for a particular candidate are always important. Because we receive a lot of questions related to our endorsement, we have added this Q&A section to help answer those questions and concerns.

What did Leticia Van De Putte promise you to get this endorsement?


I can assure you that Leticia Van De Putte made absolutely ZERO promises to the firefighters. The firefighters have not even begin to start contract negotiations so there is nothing to ask. S.A. Firefighters have earned a lot of respect from the community, and to even ask for favors is unethical. The Firefighters endorsement process is the most comprehensive, detailed, and thorough process of anybody. BAR NONE. We check voting history, track record, media stories and accounts, neighborhood leader’s opinion and feedback, personal background checks, and many other resources and processes before we make a recommendation. If you value your safety, our endorsement is the one you need to pay close attention to. This is not about our personal gain. Your safety is our priority.

Leticia Van De Putte voting record is against immigration reform, voter id, and pro-life?

Both candidates have voting records. From our analysis, they both have very similar voting records. Both candidates are pro-choice, against stronger voter id, and tightening of immigration laws. To pick on one candidate over the other is not what we do in our endorsement. We COMPARE the candidates. The vast majority of the issues where people disagree with Leticia Van De Putte, Ivy Taylor has the same position. Where they differ is on issues related to "non-partisan local government issues" i.e. public safety, trash pickup, streets, etc. These issues are important for both liberals and conservatives. Leticia Van De Putte is stronger on these issues and she will be the best candidate to enhance the issues in our city.

Leticia Van De Putte is just a career politician looking for another job?

Leticia Van De Putte is a pharmacist and does not need politics. She has been serving the citizens of San Antonio for a very long time. She must be doing the best job for her constituents because she continues to get re-elected by the citizens of San Antonio. Can you imagine having to get the vote of your co-workers every few years to maintain your job? You can only be a career politician by doing a good job and getting re-elected.

Either way San Antonio loses, who is the lesser of the 2 evils?

We never evaluate a candidate against a standard of "perfection". We compare candidates to each other. As long as they meet a minimum standard, then the "best" candidate gets the endorsement. Based on our analysis (and the analysis of many others, BOTH CONSERVATIVE and LIBERAL), LETICIA VAN DE PUTTE is the lesser of the 2 evils. We did NOT compare Ivy Taylor vs Almighty God. We did NOT compare Leticia Van De Putte vs Almighty God. We compared them to each other. Ivy Taylor is painting herself as something that she is NOT, in order to receive your vote. We are NOT simply recommending against a candidate. We are recommending the BEST candidate. Leticia Van De Putte.

Leticia Van De Putte fled the State of Texas, what is she going to do at City Hall?

The Democratic Party had a goal and a strategy. Leticia Van De Putte is a team player and followed the wishes of the majority of her party. City Hall is NON-PARTISAN. There is no Democrat or Republican. The Firefighters understand the importance of being part of a team and working together. The Firefighters also understand that we must protect the safety of the citizens at all costs. Sometimes that means, doing things outside of the box. This is simply one issue of MANY that we evaluated before determining that Leticia Van De Putte is the best candidate for Mayor of San Antonio.

I hate Leticia Van De Putte. She needs to be out of politics forever?

The Firefighters do not hate anyone. The firefighters believe there is good in all elected officials. The firefighters also believe all elected officials have some flaws. The firefighters also believe that all elected officials have PROS and CONS. But the firefighters are NEVER PERSONAL about our endorsements.

The majority of the conservative leaders in the City of San Antonio support Leticia Van De Putte, who are they and why do they support her?

The firefighters do NOT view this as a race between conservatives and liberals. Public safety has no partisanship. Public safety should not be taken lightly by the citizens of San Antonio. San Antonio is, and always has been, a high priority target for terrorists. We do NOT play partisan games when making recommendations for mayoral and city council endorsements.




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