Complacency with Inadequate Fire Safety is a Recipe for Disaster
Posted On: May 18, 2015

As kids, we’re all inclined towards living on the edge. Most of us, at one point or another during our childhood, play with fire. Some of us end up hurting ourselves in the process, and, subsequently, we develop an aversion to fire and heat that makes us avoid it subconsciously. It becomes an automated process, so much so that we push back the realization that made us so cautious in the first place.

For most people, that’s the end of it. Near-death experience due to an outbreak of a fire is something that doesn’t happen to everyone. In fact, most people go their whole lives without having to face such a grave predicament. As a result, we become complacent with whatever fire safety protocol we have in place, and in many instances, we don’t bother initializing or maintaining one in the first place.

Most, if not all, people live their lives under the assumption that a fire breaking out is unlikely. The full force of the realization we had when we first burnt ourselves, hits us like a bullet train when a fire does breakout. Many a tragedy has come about due to this irrational complacency with inadequate fire safety measures and in this blog we, the San Antonio Professional Firefighters Association, are going to give you a much needed wakeup call.

Remain Actively Vigilant Of Potential Fire Hazards

Authorities spend a significant amount of time and money educating people about potential fire risks as well as mandating several regulations and checks to promote the correct attitude towards this grave risk we take on a daily basis.

kitchen fire safety tipDid you know, that the majority of fires that breakout could be prevented easily. Around 75 percent of fires that take place in homes are of this nature. They’re mostly caused because of discarded cigarettes and faulty appliances. Hire a fire safety professional to perform an audit of your home and identify all the potential hazards, and you yourself can keep your eyes open as well.

The smoke alarms in your home must be well maintained, replace their batteries on a regular basis. Only when your fire prevention measures are properly working can you provide yourself and your family with the few precious seconds they may need to escape a dangerous situation.

Further Invest in Your Safety

There are entire ranges of fire safety products out there, from Kidde smoke detectors and alarms to ionization smoke alarms. Not only are these products a relatively small investment, but they can prove to be indispensible when it comes to saving your life.

Get Expert Advice When You Feel the Need

fire exitBoth businesses and homeowners regularly seek advice and assistance when installing proper safety measures to ensure a safe work or living environment. Negligence in these matters can cost lives of people around you. Not to mention, this negligence is punishable by law, if the safety of human beings isn’t reason enough.

In any case, ensure that a detailed fire safety plan is drawn up, from preventive measures and containment protocols, to escape routes and contingency plans. Offer training to your staff and even make plans for disabled or elderly people to ensure that complacency is a non-issue.

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