The Gear of a Firefighter
Posted On: Apr 27, 2015

Firefighters unquestionably have one of the most risky jobs in the world. They fulfill the requirements of their job of rescuing people and protecting properties in the most dangerous situations. They halt danger that may be caused by fires that put the lives of many people at risk and end in destroying properties. Managing to stay safe in situations like these requires sufficient safety measures. This is why firefighters have special firefighting gear.

Firefighting gear not only helps in keeping the fighters secure, but they also play a huge role in eliminating all sorts of fire hazards in case of an accident.  While responding to fires, even milliseconds count. Firefighting teams generally rely heavily on their gear as it helps them in performing all the duties that they are assigned to do at an accident.

The basic firefighting gear comprises of first aid boxes and bags, belts, strings, and straps. A special kind of net is used to store the hoses to be transported. When fighting fire in taller buildings a high rise strap is usually used in order to stabilize the fire hose. All the bundling straps and ropes are separately carried in special easy-to-carry bags.

Firefighters frequently use special belts that make it easy for them to hold fundamental firefighting equipment including axes, small size extinguishers, and hydrant wrenches. In several cases, larger equipment is bundled together with special bundling straps and belts for easier transport and removal.

Firefighters also have to wear special outfits. A full gear firefighting uniform comprises of a flame retardant suit, a helmet, an oxygen tank, and a special mask. A true firefighter never limits his duty to merely extinguishing destructive fires. He is an extraordinary person who puts his life in danger in order to save others. Firefighters, without doubt, are the true heroes of our society.

When firefighting is mentioned, most people think of fire trucks and hydrant hoses attached to them. While these things are very important, without firefighters they are useless, because firefighters are the people who bring this equipment to use as they battle with fires.

Firefighters are our saviors and their lives are as precious as any other citizen’s. Because the scenario of a fire emergency can end up being extremely destructive, it is crucial that all equipment that is being used is tested and checked for durability. According to the reports gathered by CDC, around 100 firefighters die while performing their duties every year, and many of these fatalities are associated with malfunctioning or faulty safety equipment or gear.

San Antonio Professional Firefighters Association has noticed this trend and is trying its best to eliminate it as much as possible. We support replacement of faulty and malfunctioning safety gear and also deem it necessary to replace equipment that should be upgraded. We believe that in situations like fire accidents, if one piece of equipment fails to work, it affects the performance of other gear as well putting everyone involved in danger.

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