Do Firefighters just fight fires?
Posted On: Apr 21, 2015

Firefighters are our society’s unsung heroes. They are the people who risk their lives in order to make sure that others are safe. Most people assume that a firefighter’s job only includes fighting fires. While it may sound easy to some, it is not easy and nor do firefighters only fight fires. There is a range of other duties that firefighters carry out which are a part of their job description.

A person doesn’t just become a firefighter if he is willing to do something for the community. In order to become a firefighter, one has to go through extensive training. This is because the situations that the firefighters have to deal with in real life can be life threatening with no room for errors and mistakes.

So what comes under a firefighter’s job description?

Generally, their job involves extinguishing fires in houses, buildings, schools, offices and other places. A lot of people delude themselves into thinking that firefighters only have to do their job in emergencies related to fire. The truth is that a firefighter’s job covers a lot more duties than just extinguishing fires. Not only do they have to respond to all emergency calls related to a disaster and emergencies at any time to risk their lives in order to save others, but they also have to prevent the fire from spreading and damaging a property even more.

Other duties that are assigned to a firefighter include fire truck driving and equipment operation including nozzle pressure control. Protection of the property also comes under the assigned duties of a firefighter which he does by making sure that he doesn’t end up destroying the property with high pressures of water. After the fire is extinguished, he also makes sure that there are no chances of reigniting.

A firefighter is also well versed in providing first aid because one of the duties that he is assigned is to provide first aid in cases of any medical emergencies that may arise. Firefighters have all the necessary medical equipment with them at all times. They are also assigned to get the visual and vital signs of the victims, and to assess the victim.

Firefighters also help paramedics in lifting, carrying and ensuring the safety of the victim. They also help the police in controlling the crowd in order to keep the situation under control to avoid further loss or damage. Other responsibilities include preventing aggravating a victim’s injuries in incidents auto accidents, industrial mishaps, or other natural hazards. They help in rescuing trapped victims and are also entitled to write incident reports.

Other regular responsibilities include cleaning, maintenance and inspection of the firefighting equipment, assistance provision to fire hydrant testing and monitoring water supply. They are also supposed to participate in demonstrations, parades and other duties related to public relations.

Besides all the other things that they do, firefighters also promote and educate people on how to prevent fires. They also conduct fire drills so that people know how to evacuate a building in case of a fire. Firefighters are solely dedicated to the service of humankind and deserve immense respect.

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