What it takes to be a firefighter?
Posted On: Apr 13, 2015

Firefighting is not just another job. Becoming a firefighter needs dedication, commitment, hard work, patience, and motivation. It can be a long and hectic process which can sometimes seem quite insurmountable. With the right amount of patience, a caring heart, and a motivation to attain your goal one can develop a rewarding career in the fire department. Becoming a firefighter will take commitment and proper planning on your part.

If you only feel comfortable in a situation where you are sure that you are going to be safe then firefighting definitely is not the right option for you. Firefighting is for those who care about humanity enough to be willing to sacrifice their lives for it. Firefighters are those superheroes whose stories normally go unsung and unacknowledged. Normally they do not get credit for all the services they provide the citizens with, but they still keep serving with their never ending zeal and enthusiasm.

So before you make this career choice, you need to ask yourself if you really are ready to commit to such a responsibility. Would you be able to save a person who is stuck in a building that is on fire without thinking about your own self? A great way to find out what this career is all about is talking to people who have worked as firefighters in the past or who are currently working at the fire department. A retired firefighter is always a great source. They will give you all the required insight you might need in order to make a final decision.

The basic qualifications required for a firefighter position application include high school diploma or equivalent, driver’s license, and emergency medical technician 1.  One must be at least 18 years of age to apply for the position.

Besides the requirements mentioned above, one should also have a clean driving record, no criminal record, clean bill of health, impressive work history, and good references. These aren’t really the requirements, but they help in making an applicant’s application stand out among the others. A good firefighter always has a clean record. A firefighter must be willing and able to perform under demanding conditions and in unsafe situations.  Firefighters deal with citizens in vulnerable circumstances and thus, they must be trustworthy as well.

If you are sure about your decision and you believe firefighting is the right career for you, you should devise a plan that you think will help you in securing a place as a firefighter in the fire department.

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