How to survive a fire?
Posted On: Apr 10, 2015

Did you know that a house fire can double its size every 17 seconds? Fire feeds on oxygen. And availability of air can spread fire faster and do more damage to your home. Each year, about 13,000 people become victims to structural fire. Most Americans get killed by home fires every year than in all natural calamities combined. The purpose of sharing these facts and information is to create awareness and prepare you in case your house catches fire.

What to do and How to Survive a House Fire?

A house fire is a traumatizing event and can get anyone to panic. And we know what happens then: It’s hard to think straight. Some people end up doing things that turn a small fire into big flames. They do not know how to react to the situation.

Although taking measures to prevent a house fire from occurring in the first place is the best way to avoid it. We’ve seen homes even with smoke detectors and alarms getting engulfed in flames.

If you find yourself in such a situation, here’s what you could do to survive and escape quickly:

  • Try to stay calm instead of panicking.

  • If the fire is small and you think you can extinguish with a fire extinguisher , then go for it!  Use the fire extinguisher to stop the fire from growing. When using it, make sure you stay 6 feet away from the flames, so you don’t torch the rest of your home by air blasting a nascent fire.

  • But if you don’t have a fire extinguisher, then you might have to take a different approach. First get low to the ground so that you can breathe and see. Smoke is black and can cause difficulty of vision.

  • Now check the door closest to you with the back of your hand. It is the most sensitive part of your hand. If the door is cool, then peek out to check for smoke. If it’s clear, then exit and make sure you close the door to avoid air from racing through your home and doing greater damage.

  • If you feel the door is hot, then don’t exit from that door. Then try using the window. If the distance from the window to the ground is short, then you can use it to exit. Don’t try to exit from the window if it is too high. Instead use it to yell for help. Someone in your neighborhood might hear you and call the Fire Department.  Stay close to the window and stick your head out to get some fresh air, until the firefighters arrive to rescue you.

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