Stay Informed About Fire Safety with These 9 Important Facts
Posted On: Mar 30, 2015

Fires can be very destructive, not just for human life, but for businesses and homes, too. If recent statistics are to be believed, as much as 72% of fire-related deaths and injuries arise from homes. Sleeping with a burning cigarette in hand, leaving burning candles unattended, and disposing waste near open flames are some of the most common causes of a fire break out.

Being well-versed about fire safety information and measures can save lives and prevent injuries. It not only protects your home, but also prevents your business from incurring massive losses. Stated below are 9 important facts about fire and fire safety that everyone must know in order to be preventive, defensive and precautionary:

Fact#1 – What Is Fire?

When it comes to understanding fires, it is important to understand its basic properties. A fire can be well explained by the triangle of heat, oxygen, and fuel. Without one or more of the three components, fire cannot exist.

When talking about heat, it can be generated from a cigarette, electric current, a home heater, etc. Anything033015-2 that can be combusted comes into the category of fuel such as paper, wood, furniture, clothing, toxic chemicals, and gases.

When it comes to extinguishing a fire, you can use a fire blanket, sand, or dirt which will eliminate the oxygen component. Water is the best source to eradicate the heat component, and fuel can be removed by moving the combustible material away from the fire or waiting for it to turn to ash.

Fact#2 – Fire-Related Deaths

In the U.S alone, over 3,800 people die and 18,300 are injured every year as a result of fire. Unsurprisingly, this figure would have been much lower if people knew about fire safety and its relevant measures.

Fact#3 – Kitchen Safety!

Not many people may realize it, but the majority of the fire breakouts stem from the kitchen. Gas stoves, electric stoves, over heated oil/grease, and neglected cooking are potential causes of a fire breakout at home.

Fact#4 – Smoke Is As Dangerous As Fire

This one is a lesser known fact; smoking is the leading cause of death by fire according to a recent report. This is followed by deaths from fire stemming from heating equipment.

Fact#5 – Home Fires

The third most serious cause of fire is home fire. Arson, the act of criminally putting a property to fire, is a major cause of fire deaths and injuries in commercial buildings.

Fact#6 – Lose Wires Can Cause Big Damages

Loose, open, or damaged wires can be life-threatening. Open and damaged wires are far more likely to cause electrical shocks and fires. To be on the safe side, ensure that all wires are properly fitted into the sockets and sealed completely.

Fact#7 – Candles Can Be Extremely Dangerous

Candles can be immensely harmful if left unattended in the presence of children. If a burning candle tips033015-3 and comes in contact with a curtain, it can potentially bring the whole house down as a result of fire. Although a small candle seems harmless, it can cause major fires if not taken seriously.

Fact#8 – Smoke Inhalation

The primary cause of death from fire is smoke inhalation to an extent that it causes suffocation. Deaths resulting from smoke are more common in children than adults. Fire sucks all the oxygen from the room and fills it with toxic smoke that is poisonous and choking.

Fact#9 – Importance of a Smoke Alarm

Having smoke alarms installed in houses can reduce the chances of fire by up to 70%. With most of the deaths resulting from homes that do not have a smoke alarm, the significance of having one is obvious.

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