The Importance of Fire Safety Education for Kids
Posted On: Mar 26, 2015

It is essential to teach kids how they can prevent a fire breakout and how they should behave in a situation where fire is involved. Knowing the fire safety rules in and out helps children to proactively tackle dangerous situations. If statistics are to be believed, the last few years have seen millions of fire-related deaths, with a substantial percentage being children.

While older kids are aware of the basics of fire safety, preschoolers still have no idea about this phenomenon.  Below are some fire safety education tips for children so they can appropriately deal with fire and fire-related situations:

In Case Of Emergency, Go To a Firefighter  

Children who are already in a state of shock due to fire are likely to be scared of a firefighter. Therefore, it is important to explain to them about the duties and attire of a firefighter and how a firefighter helps in case of a fire.

If possible arrange with your local fire station a tour of the Station. There, children will get to see all the equipment used to extinguish fire, how they are used, and what purpose they serve. Moreover, having a speaker session at school where experienced firefighters can share their experiences with children and give fire safety tips, is a great idea.

Crawl When You See Smoke032615-2

Inform children of the hazards of smoke and what to do when in a room full of smoke. Fire generates smoke that can cause difficulty breathing. Explain to them that if they are stuck in a room full of smoke, they should immediately go down on their knees and hands while keeping their heads up and gradually crawl outside.

It is best to practice with your child so that they learn it and implement it if a fire breaks out at home, school, or anywhere else.

Stop Drop and Roll!

Moreover, in case of fire, the natural reaction is to run out in panic; even adults do this, let alone children. It is important to teach them the precautionary rule of “Stop, Drop and Roll!” If their clothes catch fire, they must stop wherever they are, drop on the floor, and start rolling so that the fire doesn’t spread and is extinguished immediately. Make sure you tell them to cover their faces.

Try to give your children a demonstration and ask them to repeat the act a few times so that they remember this important safety tactic.

Stay Away From Items That Can Produce Fire

Children tend to play with matches and lighters out of curiosity. They think fire is fun. Fire is usually introduced to them in a fun way. For instance, during a birthday with candles on the cake, around a beautiful burning fire in the fireplace, or when camping with a camp fire. So children see fire as a fun thing. Explain to them that items like lighters and matches are only for adult use.

Also explain to them that these items are extremely corrosive and children must not touch them. In fact, tell them if they see these items anywhere, inform a grown-up immediately. Moreover, try to elucidate the actual purpose of these items to your children so that they don’t get curious.

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