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Updated On: Nov 30, 2017

Nathan Alonzo 


State Representative District 124

Nathan Alonzo is a San Antonio native born March 15, 1962. He lived just outside of downtown with his parents and three other siblings. His father worked full time as a San Antonio Fire fighter and took on a second job as an electrician to help support his family.

During this time, his father successfully worked his way up to Paramedic with the fire department and graduated in 1975 in the third class of the newly formed Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in the San Antonio Fire Department. His mother divided her time as a homemaker and being actively involved in the schools her children attended. She was a constant presence in the lives of her children by serving on various school committees including the appointment of PTA President within the Edgewood Independent School District. The family was actively involved in various ministries at the church they attended for several years.

Growing up, Nathan enjoyed sports. His time was occupied playing CYO Football, and baseball for Holy Family Church. Nathan attended schools in the Beacon Hill area and eventually attended Thomas Jefferson High School where he played football and was involved in various school clubs including drama with several lead roles in the Jefferson school plays. Nathan graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School in 1980. He attended San Antonio College and Tarrant Junior College (CJC).

He later applied and was accepted in the San Antonio Fire Department (SAFD) in 1983. Thirty two years later he continues to serve proudly as a public servant and life long Union member. Throughout his tenure as a firefighter, Nathan wanted to enhance the needs of his fellow fire fighters and served in several roles within the fire department. He has held positions as Public Relations chairman, Union Steward, Community Relations, Family Assistance member, District Union Steward, Texas State Association of Fire Fighters (member), member of International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF). Board member of the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO CLC) and United Way Coordinator. During his career, he also served as a paramedic with the fire department, which provided him insight to, struggles many of our citizens’ experienced. He realized the magnitude of poverty that many citizens faced with little or no access to health care and medical insurance. This prompted him to become even more involved in community service.

Nathan served in the medical committee for both the San Antonio Sports Foundation and the Olympic Festival in 1993. He volunteered for several local organizations including: Cystic Fibrosis, March of Dimes, San Antonio Food Bank and Haven for Hope. He facilitated Back- to-School fundraising events for school supplies and back packs for local area children. He was instrumental in organizing events with the San Antonio Fire Department’s Christmas fundraising events for toys and bicycles for underprivileged children in the San Antonio area. Nathan also volunteered to work as a paramedic for the NBA All-Star games, NCAA- Final Four Regional Tournaments for basketball, softball, volleyball and soccer. And served on the committee for the Sports Hall of Fame. He also worked for the United States Pentathlon as medical coordinator.

Nathan’s mantra is, “when firefighters/paramedics respond to a call, we do not ask our citizens their religion, orientation, race, gender, or income, as we are here to help everyone in our community.”

Nathan’s heart and roots are deep in the soil of San Antonio. He has seen San Antonio progress economically, culturally, and demographically. His spirit of volunteerism has given him much experience in serving the needs of the community at all levels. He wants to continue with this momentum by serving the residences of District 124.

Nathan is married to the former Cindy Zertuche, also Thomas Jefferson alumni, and together they have a blended family of four children and a granddaughter. Nathan and Cindy are members of Bandera Road Community Church.

Contact Info
San Antonio Professional Firefighters Association
8925 IH 10 West
San Antonio, TX 78230
(210) 699-9400


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