Managing Fire Safety in the Work Place
Posted On: Mar 23, 2015

Fire can pose immense dangers and risks for businesses and the human resource employed. Not only can it destroy and devastate buildings, equipment, and stock, but it can also seriously injure the employees and visitors present at the workplace. Businesses that operate from single premises are vulnerable to bigger losses in case of a fire breakout, because all the stock, operations, and resources can be completely disrupted if the entire workplace burns down.

Workplaces that have one or more of the following witness greater losses in a fire breakout:

  • Stocks of combustible materials and inflammable gases,

  • Intense heat processing,

  • Employees working in isolation at various parts of the premise,

  • Poor electric circuits and power supply,

  • Poor workplace management standards.

To ensure that proper fire safety rules and regulations are being followed at the workplace, the respective department must make certain the following actions are being taken rigorously:

  • Conduct a fire risk assessment and review it on a regular basis,

  • Inform employees about the potential risks and hazards and how to avoid them,

  • Institute relevant and proper fire safety measures,

  • Pro-actively plan for emergencies,

  • Provide proper training to the general staff; instruct them about what should be done in case of an emergency.

In order to protect property, business, and workers against fire, some important aspects must be planned and executed. Stated below are some basic, yet important, measures for managing fire safety in the workplace.

Install Fire Alarms and Detectors

The primary purpose of fire alarms is to quickly detect fire or smoke resulting from fire. These alarms are an indication for all the employees to evacuate the space immediately before the fire spreads. Businesses must make sure these detectors and fire alarms are well heard throughout the premises, and employees are aware of the necessary actions that must be taken when they hear the sound.

In case the fire alarm runs on power-supply, companies must make sure that a proper power-supply backup is maintained at all times. Apart from providing relevant training to employees about how to respond to a fire alarm, the instruction chart must be posted at various locations and notice boards throughout the premise as a reminder and for better understanding.

Escape Routes or Getaways

Unfortunately, if a fire breaks out and becomes uncontrollable, make sure that appropriate escape routes or032315-2getaways are made in every department and section of the building. There must be a sufficient number of exits placed in the right spots, so people can leave the building immediately. Moreover, these routes must be easily identifiable and unhindered so that people don’t find it difficult to vacate the space in the hustle and bustle.

Fire Extinguishers

032315-3Every section of the building must have sufficient fire extinguishers that meet the purpose and capacity of the fire breakout. The potential user of a fire extinguisher should remain riskless when using it to put out a fire; therefore, the location of these extinguishers play a crucial role in ensuring safety of the employees and the workplace. Furthermore, the staff must be adequately trained and instructed on how to use the fire extinguishers and other fire-fighting equipment needed to execute the emergency plan.

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