Emergency First Aid for Treating Fire Burns
Posted On: Mar 19, 2015

Injuries resulting from exposure to heat, chemicals, electricity, radiation, and fire are categorized as burns. Fire burns are one of the most common and deadliest injuries. Statistics show that every year around 6,000 people get hospitalized in the U.S. as a result of fire burns. Moreover, around 60,000 people visit hospital emergency rooms for burn related injuries. Minor burns can be treated readily with first-aid kits, whereas major burns require hospitalization in a special burn care facility.

Further statistics indicate that men are more likely to become victims of fire than women. Men in their 20’s are more likely to get burned in a workplace setting. As a word of advice, every home and workplace must have an emergency first-aid kit to readily treat fire burns.

At home, the most common way of getting a fire burn is in the kitchen, such as spilling hot coffee or touching a hot stove. However, at the workplace, the causes of burns can be many and severe. A worker working with caustic materials, welding equipment, open flame, or as a result sudden fire breakout is at risk for fire burns.

Emergency First-Aid Kit

A burn-care kit is comprised of every product that is necessary to treat and manage burns properly. Ideally, a burn-care kit must consist of sterile gloves, medical tapes, sterile sticks (non-adhesive), gauzes, and cold packs. Now, there are some water-gel dressings that are custom made to cure and treat burns.

Additionally, the kit must consist of an antiseptic hand cleanser. This is likely to be used by the person treating the burn so germs and bacteria do not flow from one person to another while coming into contact. If the patient gets burned in the eyes, the burn-care kit must consist of at least one liter of sterile water to wash the eyes and then clean/wipe with sterile eye pads.

How to Act In Emergency Situations

When a person administers fire burn treatment, the first step should be to eliminate the cause of fire burn. This can be done by washing the burn with cold water for 15-20 minutes, but be careful not to numb the area by over-hydrating it.

031915-2If the burns are of a severe degree, the victim is likely to enter into a state of shock. This can be mentally and physically distorting for the victim; therefore, immediate medical attention must be prearranged for the victim. Shock is likely to engulf the person. He/she may complain of feeling dizzy, cold, or sweaty as the blood stops flowing to the various organs of the body.

It is important to keep in mind that the purpose of the first-aid kit is to provide the victim with immediate medical help until a proper medical team arrives for the rescue. The emergency first-aid kit will at least help in reducing the damage caused by using the right medical supplies for treating burns, cuts, and scratches caused by a fire.

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