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How do I file a Grievance?

Before you file a grievance you need to know what of the contract (CBA) was violated and attempt to correct it through your chain of command. If you are unsure the CBA was violated fill out the inquire form here and the grievance committee will look into it and give you their opinion. Once it has been determined the CBA was violated you then need to go to the Hall fill out a carbon copy, 3 sections. Section 1 reason for grievance. Section 2 support material (where in the contract was there a violation). Section 3, Resolution (How you would like for it to be made right). Then submit with time stamp.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Grievance must be filed by 30th day from time of injury.

How do I get more involved with the union?

First be aware if you are a due paying member in good standing you are the union! Next show up to a union meeting on the second Tue of every month or the Eboard meeting the forth Monday of every month. Once you have done that decide what committee interest you or which committee could benefit from your knowledge, and approach them to see if they have any openings. Getting involved does take time but is not only needed but very fulfilling when the membership benefits.

I have a question about vision insurance who do I call?

You can get plenty of information at VSP website. Create an account and a list of services will be provided. The union hall has a insurance liaison, not only for health, but dental and vision. Call the union hall at 210-699-9400. 

How do I add a dependent to my insurance?

Both Dental/Vision and Health care require a in person visit to the union hall. 

For Healthcare if it is not during open enrollment it must be within 30 days of a life event, i.e. birth of a new child, divorce, marriage, etc. If you meet that criteria bring all necessary documentation to the union hall to get started. 

For Dental Vision a dependent can be added any time just by stopping in with the necessary documentation.

How do I use Group Legal?

Group legal is located on the second floor of the union hall and appointments are required. They can be reached at 210-822-7678, or 210-699-6589, they are closed from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm for lunch and administrative duties. The group legal summarry plan can be found here! Other important forms are Plan-B (Reimburstment form), and Will Form.

Do we get a discounted rate when booking the Union's Banquet Hall?

Yes, active and retired San Antonio firefighters receive 40% off the regular rate for Saturdays. Discounted rates for other days of the week are available, please call the hall for exact pricing details. Rental includes 12 hours of use, table and chair set up, security and has no vendor restrictions. SAPFFA can also extend their discount to family or close friends by co-signing the Banquet Hall contract with them.

How do I get a new union ID?

Bring 5 dollars to the union hall. If you got in the department before 2008 you will need to take a new photo. Be prepared to wait a few minuets the machine is old and needs time to warm up. Leave with your brand new L624 ID. 

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